Aontú leader accuses gov. of sweeping abortion case ‘under the carpet’

Aontú leader accuses gov. of sweeping abortion case ‘under the carpet’ Aontú leader Peadar Tóibín

Aontú TD Peadar Tóibín has said the family at the centre of the Holles Street abortion case feel they’re not being “treated fairly” and that the government is ignoring the issue.

After speaking to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar under Dáil privilege last week concerning a couple who opted for an abortion at the National Maternity Hospital when they were falsely told their baby had a fatal foetal abnormality, Mr Toíbin said that the government leader’s response was “shocking”.

“Basically, what’s happened here is the government is looking to sweep this under the carpet,” the Meath West TD told The Irish Catholic, adding that a letter the family sent to Health Minister Simon Harris three weeks ago has been ignored.


“It’s not the case that the Taoiseach doesn’t know anything about it. The Taoiseach said it is a private issue but the family have said to me through the solicitor that they want it brought into the public domain because they feel they’re not be treated fairly whatsoever. So, his response was ludicrous,” the politician added.

Responding to critics who have accused pro-life advocates of exploiting this case to advance their agendas, Mr Toíbín said: “Well first of all, we’ve just gone through five years of individual cases being raised by people on the pro-choice side in the means to further their own argument.

“So, for anybody on that side of the debate to make that charge after five years of it is incredible.

“As well, and this is a key point; it is equally as interesting that no one from the pro-choice side has raised this in the Dáil.”