Amnesty’s abortion policy a ‘complete contradiction’ – bishop

Amnesty’s abortion policy a ‘complete contradiction’ – bishop Bishop Kevin Doran

Bishop Kevin Doran has described human rights organisation Amnesty International’s call for universal rights to abortion a “complete contradiction”.

The Chairman of the Council for Life’s statement was in response to Amnesty’s announcement of a new abortion policy. The organisation is calling for abortion-on-demand, for any reason, up to birth and to allow sex-selective abortion.

“We will continue to demand that governments respect reproductive autonomy, and campaign for safe abortion access for anyone who seeks it, without discrimination, coercion or stigma,” a statement from Amnesty reads.

Bishop Doran responded, saying that in more recent years, “Amnesty International has chosen to identify with the abortion (pro-choice) lobby and to deny the most basic of all human rights to unborn babies. This is a complete contradiction.”

Bishop Doran said that he used to be a member of the organisation, but terminated his membership 20 years ago due to Amnesty’s abortion policy.

“Catholics should not, as a matter of principle, support pro-abortion (pro-choice) organisations,” he said.

In a statement for the ‘Day for Life’ on October 4, Bishop Doran said abortion is a tragedy, “not just for the loss of so many young lives, but the grief that so many women suffer in silence and the extent to which society itself loses its fruitfulness”.