A primer for modern parents

Raising Children in a Digital Age, by Bex Lewis (Lion Hudson, €9.66/£8.99)

The world of computers and the internet presents challenges to many parents. Some are content to do a limited amount of exploring on their own, often unaware of just what their children can do, and what they may encounter in the way of violence and sex. But there is also the more sinister Facebook world of bullying, abuse and sexting. In this primer for modern parents, Dr Bex Lewis, an academic at Durham University, addresses the fears and the difficulties many parents have. But she also presents in a very clear way that the internet is not something to be avoided but is something that can provide positive and life enhancing experiences. Her approach is simple, clear and straight forward – which is not always the case with computer books. This is a book which every family with young children can benefit from. But balance in all things. Time has to be found away from the computer for reading and recreation, and perhaps also that very old fashioned activity of simply talking to people.