A potpourri of July movie releases

The silly season is here and film-makers are doing their best to drag you in from the sun. Here are some of the more high profile releases now showing in your local cinema:

Faith of Our Fathers (PG)

In 1969 in Vietnam, a man with a great faith went into battle with a religious sceptic and persuaded him to read the Bible before they were both killed. Twenty-five years later their children meet up. With the encouragement of a collection of letters from their dead fathers from the field of battle they journey together to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington. 

Director Carey Scott has crafted a tale of loyalty and brotherhood spanning two generations. It features a strong cast in Kevin Downes, David White, Candace Cameron Bure and Stephen Baldwin.   

Minions (G)

Here we have another retrospective story, this time centring on three yellow organisms that are reminiscent of those little characters that used to run around Pac-Man machines in the Eighties. They like being ruled by evil tyrants for some reason and when none presents itself they go in search of someone to fulfil the role.

They eventually find Scarlet Overkill, voiced by Sandra Bullock. They travel from Antartica to New York and London in a bid to save Minionkind from destruction. Daft seasonal fun.

Terminator Genisys (12A)

The Terminator franchise is now 30 years old. Despite many rumours to the effect that it’s on life support, they’ve now served up another big budget instalment.

Once again, Arnold Schwarzenneger (pictured) strains his jaw to tell us he’s ‘back’ (as The Guardian this time). Expect lots of action with those bulging biceps. This one kicks off with Jason Clarke sending Jai Courtney back to 1984 to protect Emilia Clarke. We’re being told it’s the beginning of a new trilogy. Don’t say you weren’t warned. 

Ted 2 (16)

You might remember a crude teddy bear came to life a few years back in the original Ted. He’s now married to another teddy bear, Tami-Lynn, and they want a child. This means having to prove to a judge that he’s a real person. The arrant nonsense stars Mark Wahlberg, Seth McFarlane (voice of Ted) and Amanda Seyfried. It is not, repeat not, a child’s film.

The Gallows (18)

Why do so many horror films these days base themselves around anniversary themes? In this one we have a bunch of high school students commemorating a tragedy that took place 20 years ago during a play. Of course you just know the commemoration is going to be 10 times as scary as the original event.

Dope (16)

Zippy, fast-talking drama about a ‘geek’ who gets a baptism-by-fire into the world of drugs in a tough black neighbourhood in California – and thereby loses his geekiness. Adult fare in the main.

Seventh Dwarf (PG)

On the eve of Princess Rosa’s 18th birthday, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs come to Fantabularasa Castle to join in the party frolics alongside Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood. Just before midnight the youngest dwarf, Bobo, accidentally pricks the finger of the princess with a cursed needle, thereby sending the kingdom into a century-long sleep.

A kiss could break the spell, in the great fairy-tale tradition. There are dragons too – and wouldn’t you know, an evil witch. Enjoy.