A fascinating tome on Fenian leaders

Conspirators: A Photographic History of Ireland’s Revolutionary Underground

by Shane Kenna

(Mercier Press, €14.99)

A remarkable rogue’s gallery of revolutionaries, members of the IRB and Fenian movements, some of whom developed into democratic leaders. But it is as well to remember that not all the Fenians were heroes by any means. Money and murder left their own stain on the movement. However, any enthusiast for Irish history will find this a fascinating volume, if one to be used in conjugation with a reliable and objective history.

The bombing of Clerkenwell Prison in 1867 was seen as an outrage, and remains indefensible. Likewise the murder of Dr Cronin and the assassination of Lord Fredrick Cavendish (an unintended target) by the Invincibles were acts which have been given a different perspective by events of more recent times.  P.C.


The Hopkins Festival

The Gerard Manley Hopkins 28th International Festival, Newbridge College, runs from Friday, July 24 to Thursday, July 30, celebrating Gerard Manley Hopkins, his interests: poetry, painting, music, philosophy, conservation and the life and work of his mentor John Henry Newman.

The festival will be opened by the United States Ambassador Kevin F. O’Malley on July 24, and includes aside from lectures and talks, musical and artistic events, as well the always popular youth programme. For all the details about events, venues and times visit www.gerardmanleyhopkins.org.


Pathway under the gaze of Mary

Further to the review by Donal Foley, which was published in our issue of May 28, this title, edited by Barbara Ernster with a foreword by David Carallo, is available directly  from the international secretariat in Fatima of The World Apostolate of Fatima.

The price is €25; with shipping and tax the total price will be €40.50. However, this is a large book running to 497 pages. Visit http://www.worldfatima.com/onlineshop/little-shepherds/300-a-pathway-under-the-gaze-of-mary-.html

The title can, of course, be ordered through any independent bookseller (quoting title and ISBN-13: 978-0578158631).