106-year-old Nancy Stewart offers world her precious wisdom

106-year-old Nancy Stewart offers world her precious wisdom Nancy Stewart

Approaching her 107th birthday, Nancy Stewart insists “a lot of prayers” will get us through the pandemic.

“I’ve all my beads are worn,” she laughs as she speaks to The Irish Catholic, “from praying. It keeps me happy.”

Staying close to God is all we can do as the pandemic and its ensuing restrictions continue to exert their influence, she says.

Having lived through the 1918 flu pandemic and two world wars, Ms Stewart knows a thing or two about getting through tough times.

“If he can keep able to talk to us all,” she says, “if we don’t lock him out,” that’s the main thing.

Asked whether she was looking forward to her 107th birthday this Friday, she replied: “Ah no, I’m not. I don’t want to make a big thing of it.”

“My family is wishing me well and wants to come in, and I don’t like saying I can’t have them, do you know?”

In a letter written to the country, Nancy offered words of wisdom and hope that she’s drawn from the many lessons life has had to teach her.

Help each other

“All my life I have always believed in chatting and drinking tea and saying a prayer or a decade of the rosary and it has got me through…I just want to thank you today for keeping your faith and never forget that no good deed goes unnoticed. We must always try help each other as best we can. We are not here to live for ourselves but to live for each other.”