Well done, Mary Kenny on coverage of abortion issue

Well done, Mary Kenny on coverage of abortion issue

Dear Editor, Well done to Mary Kenny for dissecting the claim that a trip to an abortion clinic is ‘so very ordinary’ with details of some of the horrors of the abortion industry.

She gives Minister for Health, Simon Harris a mention too. I wrote to the Irish Times questioning Minister Simon Harris’ congratulations to the two women who recorded their abortion clinic journey.  As Minister for Health it was far from appropriate and does not bode well for his support for abortion even before the matter is debated.  Needless to say, the Irish Times did not publish the letter nor the many others I have sent on this issue. There seems to be no shame in the media at the one-sided coverage of abortion and no sign of investigative journalism here. Most journalists could take a leaf from Mary Kenny’s book and do us all a favour with balanced and factual coverage of this most important topic.

She reported that ultrasound pictures of the unborn are not permitted at abortion clinics, which, I suppose, is perfectly understandable when they portray the humanity of the baby in the womb. Claims of cover-up are frequent in the media but, to my mind, the greatest of these is the abortion procedure and ignoring the inconvenient fact that the death of a baby is involved.

Mary Kenny is correct, abortion is not a ‘so ordinary’ matter and efforts to portray it as such must be resisted.  All life is precious and none more so than the helpless and vulnerable baby in the womb.  To remove the protection for the baby under the Eighth Amendment would prove a disaster and a dreadful legacy for our children and grandchildren.

Yours etc.,

Mary Stewart,

Donegal Town, Co. Donega