We need a truly pro-life party

Dear Editor, Fine Gael candidates will undoubtedly suffer a backlash in the upcoming Local and European Elections due to the outrageous and contemptible behaviour by Enda Kenny and the Fine Gael Parliamentary Party in forcing through and allowing for abortion in cases of suicidal ideation especially as it was proven beyond all reasonable doubt that same was not a treatment for such a condition.
Fianna Fáil would like to think it will benefit from this but a significant portion of the electorate have not forgotten that The Fianna Fáil leadership also supported this wholly unjustified Act. It may seem unfair to punish those FF candidates who hold the same view as the grass roots, their deputy and senator colleagues (the vast majority who courageously voted against the aforementioned Act) but a vote for any FF candidate is nonetheless a vote for the Party who reneged on their loyal supporters in their pursuit of Power over Principle.
I would call on those principled FF candidates to bring about leadership change within FF or better still set up/join The New Political Party which is widely sought and hopefully imminent.

We await a party whose core value is to fully protect unborn life but in the meanwhile Independents who hold such a view should only be supported provided they do not intend to join or re-join our current crop of media-led spineless parties.
Yours etc.,
John Burke,
Dublin 3.