We must defend faith formation

Dear Editor, The Department of Education has recently invited submissions regarding the teaching of religion in primary schools.

Reading the document on the department's website it is clear that unless we make our views known to them before November 22, we are likely to see significant changes in our primary schools in regard to:

the manner in which religion is taught;

the display of religious objects such as the crucifix and;

the way our children are prepared for the sacraments.

In the past, primary schools have played a major role in the faith formation of our children. Without such formation our children are ill prepared for the challenges of life ahead. It is important for us parents to respond straight away either by email or by letter. We have seen to our cost over the summer, the apparent ease with which major changes can be made on important issues.

Yours etc.,

Eamon Fitzpatrick,


Co. Sligo.