Vatican wrong on peace gesture

Dear Editor, I want to say that I disagree with the recent Vatican restriction on the Sign of Peace in Mass. I cannot see what is wrong with the priest coming down from the altar to greet the people. I think that the Vatican should look more closely at the Gospels and rule accordingly.

In my view, Christ never separated himself from the faithful. I quote, “In supremae nocte Caenae secumbens cum Gratrilus”. On that last night in Cana, he sat down with his brothers. In the Gospels we have many examples of Christ addressing saints and sinners alike.

Going back to the Sign of Peace, many people would feel shy about initiating shaking hands with his neighbour. This is where it was important that the priest got the ball rolling, as it were, by setting the example.

Yours etc,

Padraic Beirne,

Harolds Cross,

Co. Dublin.