Use discernment when voting in referendum

Dear Editor, I believe the marriage referendum is misleading in title and wording. I have the greatest respect for all human beings, regardless of class, creed, clan, orientation or position in life. This does not mean, however, they are all equal in personality, colour, orientation or status in position held. The President of Ireland has far more privileges and can exercise greater powers than a TD!

Similarly in a union, a same-sex couple in love couldn’t be equal to a male-female in a loving relationship.

Marriage is the unique name given to that union which has existed before state or religion and the basis of every society in history. The classic common law definition of marriage is: “The voluntary union for life of one man and one woman, to the exclusion of all others.” It is the only union capable of naturally creating a family with the true paternal and maternal parents to rear them. Any other composition of family could not equal them.

Same-sex couples are lucky in Ireland. The Civil Partnership Act of 2010 gives those in civil partnership almost all the rights and monetary benefits married couples have. Their unions can co-exist peacefully alongside the traditional marriage union that has stood the test since time immoral. Vote with discernment.

Yours etc.,

James Gleeson,


Co. Tipperary.