US cardinal drops out of Synod on Youth over abuse crisis

US cardinal drops out of Synod on Youth over abuse crisis Archbishop Joseph Tobin

The Archbishop of Newark has announced he will not attend an October gathering of bishops slated to discuss young adults and vocational discernment.

The archbishop cited his pastoral obligations in the archdiocese amid the US Church’s ongoing sexual abuse crisis.

“This Synod is a uniquely important moment in the life of the Church, and I was honoured to have been named by the Holy Father as a member of this special gathering whose topic, ‘Young People, Faith and Vocational Discernment’, is of vital concern to the Church today and in the future,” Cardinal Joseph Tobin wrote in a letter to Newark’s Catholics.

“However, as you are aware, the Archdiocese of Newark suffers greatly as a result of the crisis that continues to unfold.

“After the revelations of the past summer, I could not see myself absent for a month from our archdiocese and from you, the people entrusted to my care.”

He said he wrote to the Pope who responded with a “beautiful pastoral and compassionate message” releasing him from attending the Synod on Youth.

Tobin was a personal appointment of Pope Francis for attendance at the Synod on Youth, which will take place from October 3-28 in Rome.