Urgent need for reform of political system

Dear Editor, As I understand the purpose and objective of Reform Alliance, it is definitely not to establish another political party, since I believe we have sufficient already, in fact too many! Personally I think the objective of Reform Alliance is what it says, namely to reform the existing and outdated draconian political system that has existed far too long. Here is a golden opportunity to get away from the politics of Civil War in this beautiful little country.

Right now I have an aversion for politics and more especially for politicians, hence the reason for this letter. I am hopeful and even confident that Reform Alliance has now got an opportunity to reform once and for all a political system that is totally out of date in the 21st Century. Reform is necessary in all our institutions, and Pope Francis is setting a very good example in his bid to reform the Church, i.e. the faithful. Can we do the same in politics? Please do!

Yours etc.,

Michael B. Moore


Co. Tipperary.