Top actor puts Faith above Hollywood’s glitz and glamour

Top actor puts Faith above Hollywood’s glitz and glamour Mark Wahlberg

Some say that showbusiness is just fun and games, but for award-winning actor and iconic role model, Mark Wahlberg, it’s not all glitz and glam.

Last week, Wahlberg posted an Instagram story of his full day that would put some monks to shame, as he wakes up at 2.30am, prays for half an hour, and only then eats his breakfast at 3.15am. This is followed by two gym sessions, work and family time, and praying before bedtime at 7.30pm.

The celebrity hasn’t been shy in speaking about his Faith journey and the difficulties he has faced.

He was sent to jail when he was just 16 for attempted murder, and it was then that he reached out to a parish priest for help. Now aged 47, he attends daily Mass and is a devoted husband and father.

His wife, Rhea, converted to Catholicism after being inspired and moved by his commitment to the Faith. He has previously spoken about how his religion is the most important part of his life.

In light of this, he has founded the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation to help inner city kids avoid the mistakes he made in his own youth.