Time to get making spooky Halloween decorations

Time to get making spooky Halloween decorations

October is here which means that Halloween is coming and the goose is getting fat! And it’s time to dig out your stack of black card to get making spooky decorations. Everyone has their own favourite Halloween symbol; whether it’s a pumpkin, a bat, a black cat, or a wicked witch with vibrant green skin.

These teeny tiny witch cones are quick and easy to make and are a wicked decoration for a Halloween party. Place them on surfaces with their legs sticking out, or hang them in mid air to let their legs dangle down.

You can make the witches’ stripy legs in different colours such as red and white, purple and orange, or purple and green.

You will need: black card, green paper, orange paper, scissors and PVA glue.

Start by cutting out all the pieces you need to make the witch before you assemble her.

For the body: Using a compass, draw a circle on the black card measuring 20cm in diameter. With a ruler, draw two intersecting lines across the circle to divide it into quarters.

Cut out the circle and then cut into quarters.

For the hat brim: Use the compass again to draw a smaller circle measuring 4cm in diameter, and cut out the circle

For the face and hands: Draw a face and hands onto the green paper (or leave it blank for a creepier effect) and cut these out. Colour in the features on the face with some pencils or felt tip pens.

For the arms: Use the hands as a guide when drawing the arms. Draw them onto the black card and cut out.

For the hair: With the orange or purple card, cut out a wavy shape.

For the legs and feet: Draw a leg with a shoe onto the black card. Cut this out and then repeat so you have two. Cut little strips of the orange paper and stick these onto the legs to create the stripy tights.

To assemble the witch

Take one of the quarters and brush the edges with some PVA glue and roll the quarter into a cone. Pinch where the edges meet to secure them in place. Leave to dry.

Next stick the face on about halfway down the cone. Turn the witch around and glue the hair onto the back.

Glue the hands to the arms and then attach these to either side of the cone.

Cut a hole in the centre of the hat brim and then pull this down over the tip of the cone to create the hat.

Attach the legs inside the cone with some glue and lay them flat on the surface in front of the witch.

Make two more if you like, for a full coven.