The unpopular nature of judgment

Dear Editor, I applaud the courage of Bishop Martin Drennan for his censure of the St Augustine’s Conference of the St Vincent De Paul society in Galway, for donating money to the LGBT group Amach Ltd (IC 04/09/2014).

He is taking the very type of unpopular stance that often characterises public Christian witness. Those who criticise his actions and statements seem to be holding to a demi-gospel of compassion without judgment, mercy without justice, Christ without the Cross.

It is very unlikely that the bishop would refuse charity to those dealing with same-sex attraction. Reaching out in charity to the marginalised is central to the action of the Gospel. However, setting aside how things may have been decades ago, those who identify as LGBT are about as marginalised as a Hollywood celebrity.  
Yours etc., 

Mark Hickey,


Dublin 4.