The treasure house that is Cluny Books

The treasure house that is Cluny Books The cover of a Padraic Colum novel from Cluny Media

Many readers who find many of today’s novels present them with a problem, will find many titles that they long to reread (which is the real pleasure of all reading), or have heard of, but which never come their way, which are hard to find in libraries, will be delighted by what they can find in the Cluny catalogue.

Cluny Media are based in Rhode Island and have a carefully conceived and carried programme to restore to circulation a long catalogue, now some 300 titles long, which are carefully edited and designed. The covers are especially striking.

But these books are hard to find on this side of the Atlantic. So be careful in ordering that the postage and packing does not come as a surprise to you.

Though the name of the company invokes the Continental monastic tradition, the logo of a scribe at work with his cat at his feet is directly derived from our own tradition and the famous 9th Century poem of ‘Pangur Bán’. Among their titles are some very interesting Irish revivals, such as the works of Padraic Colum and Alice Curtayne.

Many of their titles due to the history of United States copyright law are in the public domain in the United States. But the company itself will better answer the individual queries of readers.

One of their staff tells me in fact that: “We are able to fulfill orders placed on our website from Ireland and the UK via an Amazon facility in the UK. Orders from across Europe are printed at different print-on-demand facilities so we are not actually importing any commercial inventory.

“Folks may also go through directly however will miss out on our discount offers and can’t see our catalogue as a whole as they can on our website.

To learn more about Cluny Media, the books they have in print, and their publishing agenda, visit  You will be glad you did.