The ‘new gods’ of modern secularism

Dear Editor, With reference to the President’s call for an ethical reawakening may I call attention to the Gospel – Mt 5:17-37- read throughout the Christian world today. It is part of Jesus Christ’s Sermon on the Mount where he says he is not changing ‘one dot one little stroke’ of the Commandments.
In the preamble to the Reform Treaty of the European Union any reference to God and any mention of Europe’s Christian heritage was omitted.
The urgent question arises whether this modern secularism has really led to a secular society or whether this secularism itself is not in danger of falling prey to new gods which can appear in personal, social and political life whenever worldly realities are put in place of God and thereby deified, as the historical atrocities of the 20th Century clearly show. Do I have to mention names like Hitler and Stalin? Are there others coming down the road?
Yours etc.,
Fr Tom Kelleher,
Co. Cork.