The march towards same-sex marriage

Dear Editor, Marriage and society are being re-defined. Those who do not accept homosexual behaviour as normative are legally being forced to embrace the rationalisation or be silent in the face of it. Those who oppose homosexual acts are being labelled homophobes and it is these that are becoming the victims of hatred.

What better conscience machine can there be than one which confidently bans God and his law from public life and then proceeds in the name of high moral purpose to make this vision of the paradise of sexual liberation normative for the entire population?

We once learned about the inherent goodness of the traditional family. This long-established judgment teaches that the proper exercise of sex is within the marital bond of marriage because both the pro-creative and unitive purposes of sex is best fulfilled within it. The traditional family alone is capable of providing that necessary stability for the profound relationship that sexual union both symbolises and cements and enhances the welfare of the children who issue from it.

The homosexual campaign has moved from a plea for tolerance to cultural and political conquest. After the long march, it is ready for the political assault to control the levers of government through either the courts or legislatures to enforce compliance and control of the lives of every man, woman and child.

Homosexuals constitute about 2% of the population and even smaller numbers avail themselves of same-sex marriage, where it is allowed. That is certainly the evidence from countries, such as Canada and Sweden, where gay marriage has already been permitted for some years. The urge of Western countries to impose their neoliberal system of values on the other members of the international community as a universal basis of living can only be a cause for concern. Attempts to force other nations into accepting homosexuality and same-sex marriage as some natural social phenomenon which deserves support at a state level should not be tolerated.

Yours etc.,

Bill Curtin,


Co. Cork.