The faith of public figures

Dear Editor, I wasn’t overly impressed by the two articles concerning the faith of Munster’s Ronan O Gara (IC 9/11/14) and Donncha O’ Callaghan(IC 19/12/13).  Yes they both mentioned that they believed in God, but, so do so many in our society and yet do not attend weekly Mass or the other sacraments.  When one compares these responses to those of the actor, Mark Wahlberg, the difference shows: a man comfortable with his Catholicism and who has written into his contract that during filming he is allowed time off daily to attend Mass. Can that be said about any of our actors/sport stars?  It’s a pity that Cathal Barry failed to ask such questions, given his current excellent series on the Catechism as well that an affirmative answer would have a great affect on many young players of sport.

Yours etc.,

Fr John McCallion,


Co. Tyrone.