The dangers of spiritual worldliness

Dear Editor, Where did we go so wrong? We have now voted to give the State power to decide what marriage is. We, the Church, have failed fellow Christians and wider society, as many Christians have rejected the Gospel truths on marriage for a Marxist ideology. Not even the USSR or present-day China has managed to redefine marriage.

I saw a clue the other day in a parish newsletter. It stated that May is the month for safeguarding of minors and vulnerable adults, no longer devoted to Mary. What is June? Climate change awareness month? Or the month for LGBT diversity and inclusivity?

Pope Francis has talked and written a lot about spiritual worldliness. In his Apostolic Exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium he warns of the dangers. I find it deeply embedded in the Irish Catholic mind and practice. So much so, that in our parish the Blessed Virgin Mary never got a mention back in March (Incarnation). However, the Gospel reflection the previous Sunday was on how to be nice to our mothers (Mother’s Day) – buy some flowers, a card or wash the dishes.

Yours etc.,

Declan Cooney,


Co. Offaly.