The clear implications of gay marriage

Dear Editor,We are due to have a referendum as to whether or not to write same-sex ‘marriage’ into our national law.

Unfortunately, some people tend to think ‘if that’s how gay people want it, then why disallow it to them?’ while others argue ‘why not just call it Gay Union?’

We should vote only after considering deeply when such simplistic thinking may lead.

Already the idea of personal autonomy has gained unprecedented ground in our country. ‘I can do what I like with my body’ is a slogan for many. Self-indulgence seems to denote ‘freedom’ whether it means cheating, stealing, abusing, injuring or exploiting.

We must take very seriously the introduction of marriage under any guise other than it is formally defined – between a man and a woman for love and for the procreation of children. The right of children to know themselves to have a father and a mother and who these are is fundamental. Most children want it this way particularly as they reach adolescence when differences can be painful.

Every parish should make available a leaflet explaining clearly and compassionately the meaning and implications of the proposed referendum.

Gay people of wisdom and integrity will understand such a clarification to be necessary for society as a whole.


Yours etc.,

Angela MacNamara,


Dublin 14.