The Bishops’ first duty is to the flock

Dear Editor, Archbishop Eamon Martin stated on RTÉ that the Church needs to learn how to deal with the media. The Church is the body of Christ why would he need to learn how to deal with the media? If the archbishop means the hierarchy, why would they wish to learn to deal with the media, which has been the most anti-Catholic in the west with its calumnies, insults and derision against Christ’s Church and will only treat the bishops as its poodles? Are they a lobby group or maybe a political party?

The first duty of bishops is to their flock, to make sure they are being taught the Faith properly. This is not happening as many people are now ignorant of the Faith; many of our schools are now Catholic in name only. We see ads for different occult practices in our parish halls and community centres and many of their flock no longer know what’s right or wrong, nor, it seems will they speak up for their priests, as with the parish priest in Lucan asking the pro-abortion TD to step down from Eucharistic ministry, or correct them as when a priest went out of his way to give Communion to Enda Kenny.

The abortion legislation was bad enough but worse is on its way and the flock does not have the weapons to fight this, which is Christ’s teaching. Will they not speak out boldly and give strength to their flock or have some of them just become cold in the Faith?

Yours etc.,

David Kelly,


Dublin 12.