TG4 explores the holy wells of Ireland

TG4 explores the holy wells of Ireland - Presenter of Ag Triall ar an Tobar Manchán Magan is pictured at one of the many holy wells in Ireland. Photo: TG4.

The Irish-language broadcaster TG4 is set to dive into the history, myths and legends associated with Ireland’s holy wells in a six-part documentary series.

In Ag Triall ar an Tobar, presenter Manchán Magan will uncover holy wells that have been sites of worship and prayer for centuries and are still visited today for those seeking comfort and peace, a spokesperson for TG4 said in statement.

“Ordnance Survey Ireland claimed there were as many as 3,000 holy wells in Ireland – more than in any other country in the world,” they said. “This 6-part series is a new format which fuses the exploration of Christianity and pagan customs with historical record and local knowledge to take us on a journey through some of Ireland’s undiscovered sacred places.”

Presenter Mr Magan warned that “without the efforts of the community, there’s a chance these places would be gone”.