Taking safety to the ultimate degree

Danger is Everywhere by Docter Noel Zone

“Are you completely sure your cat isn’t a baby dinosaur?” asks the world’s premier Dangerologist, Docter (sic) Noel Zone, otherwise David O’Doherty, who provides a host of other warnings to his readers to look carefully at what they take for granted.

This is a ludicrously delightful book that in many ways reminds me of the late great Spike Milligan’s mischievous little tomes for children.

The author takes the modern cult of safety to the ultimate degree, in a wonderfully satirical way, but with just sufficient implications that, maybe now and again, it might be worth while keeping one’s eyes and ears open to what is going on around one. As a going back to school treat, Docter Noel Zone can be highly recommended.

But “Beware,” announces the cover, “this book has sharp corners.” It may cut a parent to the quick.