South Sudan election delay is praised

The decision of the government of South Sudan to postpone elections scheduled for June has been praised by Bishop Edward Hiiboro Kusala of Tombura-Yambio as a positive development for peace.

A recent meeting of South Sudan’s bishops’ conference had seen concerns expressed about the coming elections, according to Bishop Kusala, but the “wise” decision would facilitate a population census and the drafting of a definitive constitution as well as giving time to address the instability of the civil war that began in December 2013.

Speaking at an internal peace conference, Archbishop Paulino Lukudu of Juba said: “This war must stop and if the war does not stop, we shall finish all ourselves, and we shall finish our entire nation.

“We ask again this war must stop,” he said. “People of God are suffering, they are starving, they are hungry, they are dying.”