Sneering attack on Belvedere students

Dear Editor, Cathal Barry rightly condemns Irish Times journalist Rosita Boland’s sneering attack on the generous Belvedere College students Christmas sleep-out for the homeless (IC 08/01/2015). Ms Boland, apparently, from her lofty perch in the Irish Times, found the Belvedere lads’ efforts to help the homeless “inappropriate”, “distasteful” and “uncomfortable”. The Belvedere lads’ fee-paying status also irked her it appears.

I suggest that people will wait a very long time before we will see any bunch of the current Irish media sleeping out and fasting for three days and nights in winter weather in solidarity with the homeless. It’s difficult also to envisage such a sneering attack on, say, an Educate Together school.

Yours etc.,

Oliver Maher,

Harolds Cross,

Dublin 6W.