Shroud of Turin for public display

The Shroud of Turin will be publicly exhibited for an extended period in 2015, it has been announced.

The famed linen cloth with its ghostly image believed by many to be that of the crucified Christ as he lay in the tomb is set to draw thousands of faithful when it is taken from its storage place in the Cathedral of St John the Baptist and placed on display for 45 days from Easter until August 16, 2015.

In a message announcing the exhibition, Archbishop Cesare Nosiglia of Turin and custodian of the shroud said: “I have recently received by the Secretary of State of the Holy See the communication of assent by the Holy Father, for such a public exhibition as part of the celebrations for the bicentenary of the birth of St John Bosco, father and teacher of young people.

“The exhibition is always a great occasion of pilgrimage and meditation that reaches the hearts of people and produces spiritual fruits also unexpected and unhoped for.”

In the hope that the event might prompt interest from and dialogue with other faith traditions, the archbishop added: “We respectfully invite the faithful of other religions to accompany us with their friendship and goodwill during the time of the shroud exhibition.”

Archbishop Nosiglia also expressed confidence that Pope Francis will travel to Turin to pray before the shroud during its public display.