RTÉ is in a no-win situation on the gay debate

Dear Editor, Regarding David Quinn’s article, ‘The chattering class and its enemies’, (IC 13/2/14).

He complains of no counter-balancing interviews on RTÉ in the euthanasia debate. May I direct his attention to The God Slot of Friday, October 18, 2013, on RTÉ Radio 1, which was acknowledged by no less an authority as Brendan O’Regan as scrupulously fair and impartial. In fact, I think he will always find fairness and balance in that programme, whatever the issue being dealt with.

I also find his contention that “supporters of same-sex marriage are allowed one uncontested outing on RTÉ after another” interesting, to say the least. If he were to check out some of the gay websites, particularly the Facebook page of one Panti Bliss, he would find the same complaint in reverse; that RTÉ constantly favours the anti-same-sex marriage point of view. It seems that poor old RTÉ is in a no-win situation; we can’t do right for doing wrong.

Yours etc.,

Gerry McArdle,

Producer, The God Slot,



Dublin 4.