RTĖ documentary to explore what shaped Pope Francis

“His head is like a game of thrones, in a good way,” says Pope Francis’ former press secretary Fr Guillermo Marco, in a television documentary exploring what shaped the Pontiff we know today.

In the Would You Believe? special ‘Pope Francis – The Sinner’ Mick Peelo interviews Jesuits, friends, contemporaries and students in Argentina of the then Fr Jorge Mario Bergoglio about his reputation as a hard-line authoritarian provincial who divided the Jesuits. The programme also explores the changes Pope Francis is making in how the Church is run, from the Roman curia to the Vatican Bank. “The genius of the man is if you’re going to make changes that stick, you’ve got to put structures in place that are going to make those changes carry through regardless of who’s in the seat,” Cardinal Napier tells the cameras.

The documentary ‘Pope Francis – The Sinner’ will be broadcast on Monday, March 16 at 9.30pm on RTÉ One.