Roscrea Cistercians go green with environmental ethos

Roscrea Cistercians go green with environmental ethos Dom Malachy Thompson blesses the community’s new electric car, an Opel Corsa E from Young’s Garage Roscrea, as the community aims to go green.

The Cistercians at Mount St Joseph, Roscrea, are going green, having traded in their two diesel cars for a new, zero emissions electric car.

Dom Malachy Thompson told The Irish Catholic that it’s a small part of a campus wide “environmental ethos”.

“When I was appointed superior, I felt that we needed a campus wide vision which not only included the monastery, but the farm and the college, that we would try and embrace some of the teachings of Laudato Si’,” Fr Malachy said. “The car’s just a small part of it.”

The Roscrea Cistercians have made a number of improvements already, Fr Malachy explained: “In the monastery, we’ve improved insulation and put in double glaze windows, we’ve done an awful lot of work over at the college.”

While there is a broader policy, Fr Malachy said it’s also important that everyone do what they can themselves.

“It’s also that each of us can make a small difference as well. It’s a mindset. As Laudato Si’ says, we can all contribute to the care of creation, we all have our part to play. With the new car, it’s completely electric so zero emissions. But at the same time, we’d be hoping to save on fuel. We’re thinking it will pay for itself in about five years.”