Replacing the God of power and might

Dear Editor, three years ago, the new more correct translation of the Novus Ordo Mass was introduced. Many of the changes have been accepted and commonly used here in Ireland. But it is so sad to see that the Irish generally have not been willing to give up the frightening image of a God of power and might.

Many older people describe their great fear of God. He was supposedly a God who would be ready to pounce if one stepped out of line. ‘Fire and brimstone’ and ‘hell and damnation’ would be what they would equate God with.

The new changes brought us a God of hosts (of angels and people), but priests and lay people alike want to keep their God of power and might.

“It is right and just” seems to be difficult for us too.

By the way, the Americans have had no trouble with the new translation. My encounter with the English is much less, but the one church I was in used the new translation and it was an old people’s home. Why are we Irish so backward?

Yours etc.,

Mary Crowley,

Ballineen, Co. Cork.