Recent books in brief

Recent books in brief
Inspiring Faith Communities: A Programme of Evangelisation

by Michael Hurley (Messenger Publications, €12.95/£11.95)

Inspiring Faith Communities: A Programme of Evangelisation: a Booklet for Renewal in the
Holy Spirit

by Michael Hurley (Messenger Publications, €4.95 / £4.50)

These two books together make up a way forward for renewal. It is built up around three points that seem essential to Fr Michael Hurley, an effective and popular faith leader with experience of guiding people not only in Ireland, but in Europe, Africa and the USA. The programme itself is developed in the book, the booklet containing a selection of passages from scripture, with reflections for every day of the programme.

The scheme is built around a belief that God invites us to know him personally, that as followers of Christ we have to reach out to others in faith and charity, and that the parish is the best basis for this development.

Many parish groups and individuals will find great support in what Fr Hurley writes. Individuals can prepare for a return to open parish life by absorbing all he has to say during the present term of trial.


Love is the Way: Holding on to Hope in Troubling Times

by Bishop Michael Curry with Sara Grace (Hodder & Stoughton, €16.99)

Here is another prominent Black Christian advocate. Michael Curry is the presiding bishop and primate-elect of the Episcopal Church in the US. As we know from the elevation of Cardinal-elect Wilton Gregory, such faith leaders are now challenged in these very adversarial times. They are called on to give with both their faith and their colour. Bishop Curry is known as a popular preacher, and this book composed with the help of Sara Grace, presents Christianity’s essential message of love of both God and neighbour. This is a book which calls every reader to look again at the way they live, and to put aside conflict which impairs both faith and love.


Hearers of the Word: Praying & Exploring the readings Advent & Christmas Year B

by Kieran J. O’Mahony OSA (Messenger Publications €19.95/£18.95)

Fr O’Mahony will be a familiar figure to many. This book covers the reading for Advent and Christmas and was intended for groups involved in Lectio Divina. But with the return of lockdown (for a time at least) it will provide a most helpful and encouraging resource for those whose worship is now reduced to following Mass (daily or weekly) from their sitting room. It may indeed provide a more intimate way of family worship which will allow for a good discussion using this book as a resource. The home Church comes home, so to speak.