Quotes of the Week February 27

“Everyone say to himself: ‘When was the last time I went to Confession?’ And if it has been a long time, don’t lose another day! Go, the priest will be good. And Jesus will be there, and Jesus is better than the priests – Jesus receives you. He will receive you with so much love! Be courageous, and go to Confession.”

Pope Francis lauds the Sacrament of Confession during his February 19 audience.


"The Anti-balaka are doing more damage than Seleka.”

Carmelite Missionary Fr Aurelio Gazzera condemns the ongoing violence in the Central African Republic carried out by militia groups seeking revenge for months of misrule by Seleka rebels.


"If there is to be a permanent solution to the problems of South Sudan, the civil society needs to be involved, not just negotiations on the government level, but also the civil society.î

Archbishop Charles Balvo, Apostolic Nuncio to South Sudan, speaking as negotiators continue to seek an end to violence in the country.


"They had this chant they would do: ‘Abortion all the time!’ They acted like an abortion was a rite of passage.î

US nurse Marianne Anderson who has spoken publicly of her time as a Planned Parenthood employee.


“For anyone to say that he or she is a faithful Catholic and to be pro-abortion/pro-choice rights is totally inconsistent with Catholic teaching. From the first moment of his or her existence, a human being must be recognised as having the rights of a person, among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being to life.”

Bishop Richard Malone of Buffalo, New York, criticises the shift in stance to pro-abortion of Catholic state senator Timothy Kennedy.


 “What do you mean by rich?”

The Dalai Lama responds to a question on why he thinks the United States is the worldís richest nation during a meeting of business leaders in Washington DC.