Protestants used as excuse to axe Angelus

Protestants used as excuse to axe Angelus

An Irish senator has hit out at critics who use Protestants as an excuse to get rid of the Angelus.

David Norris spoke in a Seanad meeting last week saying that he strongly rejects claims that Protestants want to do away with the Angelus, dubbing it “political correctness gone mad”.

“Protestants are used as a cat’s paw by disaffected ex-Catholics to get rid of the Angelus,” he said.

The outspoken senator said that as a member of the Church of Ireland the majority of the Church like the tradition.

Mr Norris told The Irish Catholic that “the overwhelming membership of the Church of Ireland thinks the Angelus is a nice thing and a good idea, and something that is quintessentially Irish”.

Christian country

He added that Ireland is still an overwhelmingly Christian country, saying that “we have a tradition for 1,500 years, why should we apologise for it?”

“I believe in the separation of Church and State, but even the constitution makes it clear that it’s a Christian country.

“I think we are very open, I don’t think there is any discrimination, but I don’t think we should get rid of a tradition that is both cultural and religious. And if you don’t like the Angelus, it’s less than a minute, you go off and put the kettle on…and do whatever you have to do while you’re waiting for the news.”

Groups who are anti-Angelus have described it as discriminatory, saying that it is a Catholic call to prayer that is disrespectful to the philosophical conviction of many citizens.

However, the Angelus is said to be a moment which people of all faiths can use as a time to reflect.

A recent Amárach poll commissioned for Claire Byrne Live in March 2017 found that 62% of people agreed with the Angelus being broadcast, while 27% didn’t and 11% were unsure.