‘Prayer puts my mind at rest’ – Andrea Corr

‘Prayer puts my mind at rest’ – Andrea Corr Andrea Corr

Singer Andrea Corr has revealed that she will be turning to prayer to help combat pre-concert nerves ahead of her first tour with The Corrs in over a decade.

The 41-year-old experienced songstress admitted she still suffers from anxiety before performing and regularly prays before going on stage, according to a report in The Irish Mail on Sunday. 

Noting that she had been “nervous” before her band’s comeback last September, the singer said she will be just as nervous on their upcoming tour of Britain and Ireland.

“There’ll be a few Hail Marys, but there always has been. They help put my mind at rest,” she said.

“I have to ask if it’s worth it. Is it worth making myself more tired, more anxious, busier and all the rest of it? And I have to say ‘yes’, it is worth it. That’s really what it’s about. It’s worth the anxiety I have.”