Pope Francis is a Pope for our times

Dear Editor, As the pontificate of Pope Francis continues through its first year, it is becoming ever more certain that the right man for the Church of our times was chosen by the conclave in March.

The personal style Francis has brought to the papacy has appealed to all who believe in the caring and loving mission of the Church, and who clearly see that portrayed both in his actions both as Pope and previously in the ghettoes of Buenos Aires. Far from major writings or speeches, through his simple actions, Pope Francis more clearly lives out the Christian message and extends an invitation for us all to do the same.

After years of scandal and overbearing clericalism, Francis truly is a breath of fresh air for ordinary Catholics, who, through those same years of challenge now find in his example of a lived faith reason to be renewed and refreshed. His clear desire for reform at the highest levels in Rome for the benefit of the ‘lowest’ in society are nothing short of inspiring and deserves to be supported by all; there is little doubt that even the Pope faces struggles in steering the Church’s new course.

Yours etc.,

Donal O’Riordan,


Co. Westmeath.