Pope encourages social media

Pope Francis has encouraged the faithful give the Church a digital presence and to use social media to promote the Gospel.

Addressing a plenary assembly of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications recently, the Pope insisted that the use of social media is crucial to connecting with people who are in some way disappointed in Christianity.

ìIn every situation, beyond technological considerations, I believe that the goal is to understand how to enter into dialogue with the men and women of today, to know how to engage this dialogue in order to appreciate their desires, their doubts and their hopes,î the Pope said.

Pope Francis explained that in the age of globalisation, there is also more loneliness and thatís precisely why the Church must also be present in social media.

He said: ìIt is therefore important to know how to dialogue and with discernment, to use modern technologies and social networks in such a way as to reveal a presence that listens, embraces dialogue and encourages.î

Pope Francis also said the new challenge of the Church is to help every person discover Jesus through this new communication era.