Pius XII and the path to sainthood

Dear Editor, After the death of Pope Pius XII in 1959, the Kennedy Directory USA, now the Official Catholic Directory, published the following statistics in relation to his 19 year Pontificate from 1939 until his death in 1958. In 1939 the number of archdioceses in the USA numbered 19, in 1958 they numbered 26 an increase of 36.8%. Dioceses in 1938 were 92, in 1958 up to 113, an increase of 22.8%.In1938 priests numbered 33,540, in 1958 this number increased to 50,813,up 51.05%, parishes 1939 numbered 13,114 in1958 this was 16,552,an increase of 26.2%.Seminaries in 1938 numbered 209 in 1958 this increased to 516 a massive increase of 246%. Seminarians in 1938 numbered 16,746, in 1958 numbers increased to 36,980 an increase of 221%.In 1938 converts in America stood at 65,943, in 1958 this increased to 140,414, another massive increase of 213%.The Vatican very recently released statistics indicating that 3,000 consecrated were departing the Church every year. In light of the above statistics and without disparaging the imminent canonisations of Popes John XXIII and Pope John Paul II is it imprudent to question the criteria necessary to deem one to Papal Sainthood.

Yours etc.,

Dermot Finnegan,


Co. Down.