Parish ‘delighted’ as Newman set for canonisation

Parish ‘delighted’ as Newman set for canonisation St John Henry Newman

Parishioners at the Dublin church founded by Cardinal Newman are “delighted” that a second miracle attributed to him has been recognised by the Vatican, paving his way to sainthood.

Blessed Cardinal Newman founded and designed Newman University Church which has brought “many great experiences of Faith and worship to people” according to the parish priest.

Fr Bill Dailey told The Irish Catholic there was a sense of excitement from parishioners, saying: “I got texts and notes of congratulation and people letting me know they’d seen the story.

“I think everyone who has been coming to the church and enthusiasts of Newman’s legacy will be quite delighted.”

With two more steps to go – a commission of bishops will have to meet to approve his canonisation and the Pope must declare him a saint – it could be as early as next year that he is canonised.

“We will await anxiously the news of the details of canonisation which is expected and we’ll work with the archdiocese to have some fitting celebration at University Church,” said Fr Dailey.

Newman’s second miracle concerned the healing of a pregnant American woman who prayed for his intercession at the time of a life-threatening diagnosis. Her doctors have been unable to explain how or why she was able to suddenly recover.

This miracle was investigated by the Archdiocese of Chicago, and was subsequently confirmed.

The prominent academic is best known in Ireland for founding UCD, his lectures, books and founding Newman University Church.