Parish ‘blessed’ as John Henry Newman to be canonised

Parish ‘blessed’ as John Henry Newman to be canonised Cardinal Newman

A Dublin parish has expressed “great joy” after hearing Blessed John Henry Newman is set to be canonised after approval from Pope Francis.

Fr Bill Dailey of Newman University Church in Dublin, founded by Blessed John Henry, said that so many people feel a great attachment to the church.

“Catholics have a sense that a truly holy person will have a special impact on the world around them, so we feel blessed to know that this beautiful space was designed and occupied by whom the Church will now recognise as a saint,” Fr Dailey said.

“There’s a tangible sense of God’s providence.”

The two miracles he performed include the case of Jack Sullivan, a man on the verge of complete paralysis in 2001, who was healed after praying to the soon-to-be saint.

The second related to the healing of a pregnant women from the US who was saved from a life-threating condition.

Blessed John Henry is best known in Ireland for his role as the first rector of the Catholic University of Ireland, later University College Dublin.

Fr Dailey added: “Many who pray here have a particular interest in Newman’s writings, and all are grateful for his effort and dedication in building this magnificent place of worship”.