One-sidedness in the gay marriage ‘debate’

Dear Editor, It was interesting to read recent letters published in national newspapers regarding same-sex-marriage. In one such letter the writer made reference to ‘logic’. This prompted me, as part of a letter I wrote to the relevant newspaper, to pose the following question: “Logically, can a union which doesn’t include sexual complementarity be identical to one that does?”

Perhaps not surprisingly, given that the logical answer to the above question draws attention to a major flaw in the pro-same-sex marriage argument, my letter wasn’t published.

It remains to be seen if the above will prove to be an indication of difficulties to come for pro-traditional-marriage supporters in getting their message across in largely pro-same-sex marriage mainstream secular media between now and the same-sex marriage referendum in 2015.

This one-sidedness in our national media draws attention to the need for some quality right-of-centre secular media organs, such as a daily and Sunday newspaper, to give proper scope for the expression of non-liberal/left/feminist views, especially on social issues. Such quality newspapers exist in Britain, e.g. The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph. Could part of the answer be to encourage these newspapers to publish special Irish editions, as some British newspapers already do?

Yours etc.,

Hugh Gibney,


Co. Meath.