‘One of Us’ campaign to become network

The hugely successful One of Us online campaign is to continue defending the right to life.

The popular initiative to protect human embryos that gathered over 2 million signatures will now become a network.

ëOne of Usí was one of the first registered European citizensí initiatives (ECI) in the European Union, and according to the initiativeís president, GrÈgor Puppinck, the ìfirst and greatest successî.

The campaign used the new EU Citizenís initiative mechanism to ask the European Commission to bring forward legislation.

The overwhelming support for the initiative, according to Dr Puppinck, highlights ìthe will to defend the human embryo is deeply rooted within the populations of Europeî.

The organisers of the initiative will now continue, before the European Commission and Parliament, to advocate for the respect of the human being, from the beginning of their life.