Nuncio: Youth need to ‘shout’ faith from rooftops

The Pope’s representative in Ireland has urged young people to “shout” about their faith from the rooftops. 

Speaking at the Youth 2000 Summer Festival which was attended by more than 1,200 teenagers at the weekend, Archbishop Charles Brown encouraged young Catholics to “be courageous”.

“Don’t be afraid to pray. Don’t be afraid to show your faith. Don’t be afraid to follow Jesus in world. We need young people to speak our faith. 

“The Church is built by young people. Proclaim what you have received. Proclaim it from the house tops. Shout it out,” the papal nuncio said.

Speaking to iCatholic at the event which was held at the Cistercian College Roscrea, Archbishop Brown praised the work of Youth 2000.

“I’m often times asked about green shoots in Ireland and there’s no shoots that are greener than here in Youth 2000.

“All these young people filled with love for their faith and conviction, and I was trying to encourage them, as we heard in the Gospel, not to be afraid, to look towards a future with a lot of hope, a lot of confidence, a lot of trust, because the Lord is working beautiful things in Ireland. 

“There’s no doubt about that, and this weekend really exemplifies all that’s great about the young Church in Ireland and of the green shoots that I personally see in the Church in Ireland,” he said.