Nun woos Italian TV audiences

A young singing sister is taking Italy by storm

“Icame here because I have a gift and I want to share that gift. I am here to evangelise.”

Using these sentences Sr Cristina Scucciaconquered the audience and all of the judges after her performance during the Italian television showThe Voice.

She is a 25-year-old member of the Ursuline Sisters of the Holy Family, a native of Sicily, she is now based in Milan and in the last episode of the television program she sang No Oneby Alicia Keys getting a great approval from audience and the congratulations from the four judges, the Italian
singers: Raffaella Carrà, J-Ax, Noemi and Piero Pelù.

During this so-called ‘blind audition’ all the judges on the show began with their backs turned to the performer, and they could turn around only if they liked what they were hearing, but after only 40 seconds J-Ax decided to turn around also inviting the other judges to do likewise.

With a great performance and an excellent voice, Sr Cristina shocked not only the judges but people at home as well, immediately becoming a hit on social media, in particular on Twitter with the hashtag #suorCristina.

She was accompanied by four sisters from her community, as well as her parents, and all celebrated her performance and the result singing in the backstage Oh Happy Day.


Sr Cristina had her pick of the judges since all of them wanted to be her mentor, she chose to join J-Ax, a famous Italian rapper who was the first one to turn around towards her. “You are the holy water and I am the devil, so we are invincible together” – with  these words J-Ax persuaded Sr Cristina who admitted that she had already decided to choose the first judge who would turn, a bizarre couple which will get special attention.

The other judge Raffaella Carrà showed her astonishment immediately asking Sr Cristina if she was a really nun and she replied, “Yes, I am truly, truly a sister”.

Sr Cristina comes from Comiso, a little town close to Ragusa in the southern part of the Sicily, she had a normal not particularly religious with a big passion for music. She had already tried to take part in other talent shows without success but this time she excited the jury. Her life changed when she decided to participate to the musical about Sr Rosa Roccuzzo who was the founder of the Ursuline sisters and in that occasion she heard God’s calling.

After that, she completed the novitiate in Brazil in 2010 working with homeless children. Then she went back to Italy before taking her vows. Now she has been catapulted in to another strange and funny adventure, an Italian music show where she will be able to make true her childhood dream of becoming a singer.

Call from the Pope

She said she is waiting on a phone call from Pope Francis, but in the meanwhile Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, president of the Pontifical Council for Culture, used her name as hashtag in a tweet, commending her for sharing her talent with the Italian people.

Someone renamed her as the
Italian Sister Actreferring to the famous American movie with Whoopi Goldberg, certainly this edition of “The Voice of Italy” will be more interesting with this new protagonist, Sr Cristina Scuccia, who ended her performance highlighting that “God does not take away anything from us, he can only give us”.

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