Notre-Dame rebuild funds shouldn’t be diverted IC poll finds

Notre-Dame rebuild funds shouldn’t be diverted IC poll finds

The majority of people would advocate that the money raised for Notre-Dame Cathedral be used to rebuild the iconic landmark and place of worship, rather than given to the poor.

Out of 500 people who voted on a social media survey conducted by this paper 80% said the donated funds should be used to restore the cathedral. The devastating fire that ripped through its roof and caused its spire to collapse occurred on April 15.

The question was: “Around €1billion has already been raised for the reconstruction of Notre-Dame.

“Some have said instead of reconstruction, this should go to help the poor. Others argue that this is an inspirational gem of the Christian Faith that must be restored, whatever the cost. What do you think?”

After a huge response from many people, including prominent billionaires who pledged to donate to efforts at rebuilding, there were calls to divert funds to alleviate homelessness and assist the poor.

One commenter said: “The Cathedral has been an inspiration for generations to give to those in need, spiritually and financially. May it do so again.”