No such thing as an ‘unwanted baby’

Dear Editor, May I please comment on Emma Ryan’s criticism (IC 17/10/13) of Mary Kenny’s article on Anthea McTiernan’s article in The Irish Times claiming that abortion was normal and that women are not hurt by abortion?  While Ms McTiernan may not have actually stated abortion equated a tooth extraction, the fact that she used this as an example certainly left her open to that interpretation.  After all, she did say that abortion was “normal”.  While Emma Ryan referred to our “exporting our women for abortion” (out of sight out of mind, etc.), we did not encourage them to travel for an abortion when every assistance is available here for those with crises pregnancies, especially from pro-life groups. There is no such thing as an unwanted baby – someone will want the baby, particularly the many couples who are unable to conceive, and it is so sad that adoption is not promoted here.

It would seem that Ms McTiernan has not met any woman who regretted her abortion. I did and this young woman was inconsolable.  

Shame on our society if we do not promote alternatives to abortion, the deliberate killing of a baby in the womb.  What about the outrage over the killing of a cat on a recent TV programme?  Where is our outrage at the killing of babies?  Instead we have efforts to promote this as ‘normal’.  We cannot expect blessings on our country when we refuse to protect the most vulnerable of all, the baby in the womb.

Yours etc.,

Mary Stewart,

Donegal Town,

Co. Donegal.