No religion four times higher among Irish journalists

No religion four times higher among Irish journalists

The number of Irish journalists declaring no religious affiliation is four times higher than the general population, a new study has shown.

Some 55% of Irish journalists said they have no affiliation to a particular religion, considerably higher than the 14% among Irish people more generally, a Dublin City University study found.

Just 35% declared they do have a religious affiliation, with the vast majority (89%) identifying as Catholic and 4% as Church of Ireland. Non-denominational Christianity, Quaker, Hindu and Buddhist were also noted by a small number.

‘Religious groups and institutions’ are considered the least influential factor/source for Irish journalists, with just 1% saying they are ‘very/extremely influential’, 17% saying ‘slightly/moderately influential’, and 48% saying ‘not influential’.

The remaining 34% of respondents said they were not relevant to their work or did not answer, the study ‘Irish Journalists at Work’ shows.

The study also shows that Irish journalists are overwhelmingly left-leaning in their political outlook, with 61% of journalists identifying as ‘fairly/very’ left wing or ‘slightly’ left of centre.