Nigerian archbishop urges funding for electoral commission

The federal government must provide enough funds to the Independent National Electoral Commission for it to be able to conduct the general elections across Nigeria March 28 and April 11, said Archbishop Gabriel ‘Leke Abegunrin of Ibadan.

The archbishop noted that the electoral commission had been complaining of a lack of funds needed, including for “the printing and distribution of the permanent voters’ cards to the electorate”.

The previous day, the commission announced it was postponing elections from February 14 and February 21 to March 28, for the presidential race and national assembly seats, and April 11, for state governors and legislatures.

The archbishop urged Nigerians not to be demoralised by the postponement; he said it would allow more Nigerians a chance to collect their permanent voter cards and to vote. He also urged Nigerians to vote for credible candidates who would provide them their anticipated dividends of democracy such as good road networks, hospitals, functional schools and security.

“You should not generalise all politicians as either liars or being honest. There are those who are faithful to their promises and others who only make political statements during electioneering and never implemented such on assumption of office,” he said