New books brings Lough Derg to life

New books brings Lough Derg to life

Lough Derg is brought to life in Peggy goes on Pilgrimage and Lough Derg’s Colouring Book, thanks to author and member of the pastoral team Mary McDaid.

“These two books have been in my head for nearly as long as I’ve been blessed to work each summer on Lough Derg and that’s a long time now this being my 30th year; it’s a ministry I’ve loved from day one and looking back, it was the characters and their personal witness to the pilgrimage that fostered my passion for this sacred place,” she said.

Hoping the books will help to inspire young generations to learn more about the Island and its tradition of pilgrimage, Mary said this is where the influence for a “child friendly illustrative styling” comes from thanks to illustrator Naoimhe McNally.

“The story of Peggy goes on Pilgrimage will sow the seed of pilgrimage in the hearts of our young folk and bring the conversation of this Island more easily into the homes of Lough Derg pilgrim families,” Mary added.

The books are available from the Lough Derg gift shop during the pilgrimage season May–October 2017 or can be purchased directly from Lough Derg by phone 071 9861518 or email for further details.